QUESTION: "Are there certain types of junk that you do not take? Any types of junk that have a higher fee for removal? If so what items are they?"
ANSWER: Chemicals, TV's, paints, car oil, tiles, snowmobiles, remodeling debris & concrete have a separate fee. The pricing depends on the amount of these items, or/and the weight of these special items, (special junk which has separate fees) and also where on the property it's located.  To get a more accurate idea of what the price for removal of these types of items would be, call or text the Junk Removal Dudes today. You can text the photos and a detailed description to 815-757-9696. One of our friendly associates will respond with a text or a call on the pricing.   

TV's are an extra separate fee of $75 (W/ a load).  Piano's are an extra separate fee of $200 (W/ a load).

Paint cans and other cans of chemicals are $5 a can w/ a load

Electronics (Computer monitors etc are $10 per item w/ a load

 Extra Separate fees: Paint Cans/Chemicals $5 per can, TV's $75, Pianos $200, Pool Tables $200, Snowmobiles $295, computers $10 per item, tires $10) Prices may vary depending on city/location you're in**

QUESTION: "Do you do any demolition work? Do you guys take down fences? Do you saw apart hot tubs ETC?"
ANSWER: We do not do any demolition work.  We do not take down fences or any disassembly of any kind. We only haul away junk. We do not take anything out or off of a foundation.  As for hot tubs or sauna tubs, we ONLY haul it away if the tub is already cut up into smaller increments. WE DO NOT SAW APART TUBS OR DO ANY DEMO WORK.

QUESTION: "Do you junk cars?"

ANSWER: We do not junk cars.  We do basic junk removal. We remove junk out of the customers home, yard, garage, basement etc.

QUESTION: "In a nutshell, what do you guys do exactly? How does this process work?"

ANSWER: All you have to do is point and we do the rest. Our workers actually come into your property and remove the junk out of your home or business. We put the junk in our trailer. You don't have to lift a finger - We do ALL the work! The removal service we offer is included in your overall cost of the junk removal. 

QUESTION: "What do you do with all the junk? Do you recycle any of it?"

ANSWER: We try to recycle AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! We sort through the junk before we dump it.  We donate frequently to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, teachers and local schools.  We are very conscious of our environment and want to do the very best as far as limiting whats thrown away.  If we collect actual "JUNK" from a job, then we dispose of that properly. 

QUESTION: "Are you available 7 days a week? Are you available during the morning, afternoon or night?"

ANSWER: Depending on the week, we may sometimes be available for Saturday jobs.  Most of our jobs are Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm.  If you require an earlier start time or a later start time, please inquire by calling us at 815-757-9696

QUESTION: "Do you ever do any 'free' pickups? Like appliances or scrap metal?"
ANSWER: We do not offer any free service.   Whether it's a full trailer load of garbage or a full load of steel, we charge the same space rates for the amount of space we take up on our trailer. 

QUESTION: "Is it ok if we let our pets run around while your workers work?"

ANSWER: We LOVE pets! We feel it would be most wise if our customers would temporarily put their cat or dogs in a safe area where they won't risk any chance of being hurt.  Our workers on occasion lift really heavy items across living rooms, kitchens etc. We want wants best for your pet. Safety is our 1st and foremost priority! 

QUESTION: "Do you ever pick up just small amounts of items? Like just a TV or just 1 or 2 bags of garbage?"
ANSWER: We typically do bigger jobs; like full garage clean outs, hoarder clean outs, basement clean outs, foreclosure clean outs, barn clean outs etc.  Our minimum to come out to a junk job starts at $195 (For only DeKalb, Sycamore, Genoa & Cortland) 

Our minimum for other towns goes up  depending on your location. Our costs include the dumping fees, labor, removal & labor. Text or call us for more details 

QUESTION: "What is the BEST and quickest way to get an estimate?"
ANSWER: We have our price points that we charge by. You can view our "pricing" tab on our site. Or you could call or text us a detailed description and photos of your junk to 815-757-9696

QUESTION: "Do you donate items? Or do you take everything to the dump yard? If you do donate some of the junk, do we customers get the donation receipt for tax write off purposes, or does your company keep the receipts?"
ANSWER: We try to recycle items as much as possible.  If the items removed are in great shape, we will try and take it to Goodwill or Salvation Army if they can use the items.  If the item is in poor condition, we will properly dispose of it at the junkyard. We do not give donation receipts to the customer. (We are a junk removal company, not a donation service collection company)  After we remove the junk out of the property, it either gets tossed at dump yard or donated. Once the junk has been removed out of the property, we either toss it or donate the items.  Once the junk has been removed, we are in possession of those items and have the choice on what to do with those items.

Frequently Asked Questions - The Junk Removal Dudes

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